Tuesday, July 23, 2013

beware the turds of July

Holy sheep shit, Batman!

Where to begin, where to begin...
You know the 'coming down' part of a trip where you're sorta tripping but also feel like you've getting the bends and nothing works quite right and there's not much point in tryin' 'cause you know it'll be half-assed and fucked up?  Well apparently I just woke from 8 years of that.

Hi, please to meet me.  Hope you enjoy myself.

I'd write more but I have to calculate how much my ex has to pay me for listening to some white trash Texan pussy talk her out of our relationship.  I'm sure it was pertinent and sage advice considering he was primarily concerned with getting into her panties at the time.  From my perspective, the amusing parts were the "I don't know how much longer I can do this" speeches I was getting during the same time period she was off fucking him.  Or trying to fuck him.  Supposedly it didn't work out so well.

Even better, I get slammed for not trusting her.  Well gee, I couldn't possibly imagine why, what with this being the 3rd time she's tried to puss out on a relationship by the  'cheat to piss him off into leaving method of ending a relationship without any effort.  But I'm told the first two don't count as those weren't in this last 13 year stretch and were decades ago when she was insensitive and naive.  As opposed to insulting, obfuscating and oblivious, so yeah definitely a lie of a different color altogether.

So yeah.  Sleep so I can keep packing my shit to get the fuck out of 'our' house.  Alas not out of her realm of existence as the soon-to-be 8 year old kid keeps us at least in similar orbits and probably will until the teen years.  She had no brothers and has no clue what she's in for as a single mom.  I'd lay good money that I get sole custody 5 or 6 years out of exasperation on her part.  She thought myself at in my 40's was unreasonable... hahahahahahha.

Sleeping pill & flexiril kicking in. .. that's my 10 minute warning.  Zzzzzxzx

------- Thanks for stoppin' by. -Nick H.