Saturday, February 28, 2015

There's a woodpecker going at it up the hill from the place me & the kiddo are renting.  It's a good sound in the distance.  Don't really want him in the front yard, or up on the fireplace insert like the crazy damn sapsucker used to do at the house on Friendly Street.  But in the distance while I'm chilling in bed thinking about the night before, that's just fine.  Had a good evening at the local dive bar, watching the Blazers come back to beat the Thunder after being down most of the 2nd half.  I'm in love with one of the barmaids there.  She's amazing, sporting a Tool t-shirt and glasses, taking no shit from the guys at the bar. I sat in bed and thought up a whole ton of stuff to actually write in this thing for the first time in ages, and now that I've got off my ass I can hardly remember a wit of it.

------- Thanks for stoppin' by. -Nick H.