Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks Fedex

FedEx Ground did a good one on me. Was kind of amusing... I knew the package was out on the truck to be delivered, and towards the end of the day when I figured it should have arrived, I double-checked tracking to find that it had already been delivered. Eh? wtf?! I checked out front to see if it had been left there. Nope. Came back in and checked the delivery info and even got to see the digitized signature of whomever had my nifty new pc. When I called Fedex, they told me oh yeah it had been delivered at such and such time to such and such place.

"Interesting you delivered it there" says I "considering that doesn't really match the address it was sent to."


I got a phone call first thing the next morning from the local manager apologizing and promising to track down the package. I let him and Dell know that I had no intention of accepting an open package should they recover it from the errant recipient.

To Dell's credit, they got a replacement built and overnighted out to me in just over a week. Considering it's the holiday season, that's not bad turnaround for a problem that wasn't their fault. The new machine smokes too.

Thanks for stoppin' by.

-Nick H.

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